Insiders pose a significant threat to nuclear or radiological security, as they generally possess access rights which, together with their authority and knowledge, grant them far greater opportunity than outsiders to bypass dedicated nuclear and radiological security elements.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Information Circular 908 (INFCIRC/908), “Joint Statement on Mitigating Insider Threats,” consists of two major focus areas: 1) commitment to support the IAEA to develop and implement an advanced, practitioner-level training course on insider threat mitigation and 2) implementation of measures to mitigate insider risk by taking a risk-informed graded approach.

The Advancing INFCIRC/908 “Mitigating Insider Threats” International Working Group (IWG) has been established to facilitate cooperation and sustained engagement on insider threat mitigation measures for nuclear and radiological facilities, organizations, and regulating bodies. The IWG is an international community of practice that provides a unique forum to share best practices and other resources to advance the global state of insider threat mitigation for nuclear and other radioactive materials security. Co-Chaired by the United States and Belgium, the IWG discusses a broad range of insider threat mitigation-related issues, including identifying emerging trends that may require more focused attention. The IWG also develops and maintains linkages to non-governmental experts, industry, and academia, and determines any additional steps appropriate to support the aims of international insider threat mitigation.

This website serves as a “one-stop” portal for information, activities, events, and products of the IWG.