About the Symposium


Insiders pose a significant threat to nuclear or radiological security, as they generally possess access rights which, together with their authority and knowledge, grant them far greater opportunity than outsiders to bypass dedicated nuclear and radiological security elements.

In 2016, recognizing the international community’s need to address the insider threat, the United States sponsored Information Circular 908 (INFCIRC/908), "Joint Statement on Mitigating Insider Threats," which has now been endorsed by 29 countries and INTERPOL. This joint statement seeks to "build awareness of and acknowledgement that the insider threat is credible and that they pose a serious threat to the security of nuclear and radiological materials." The International Symposium on Insider Threat Mitigation creates a forum for discussion and action on this important topic within the international community.


The symposium will provide a forum to:

  1. Raise awareness of the insider threat to nuclear and radiological facilities, and nuclear and radioactive materials while in use, in storage, or during transportation
  2. Exchange information on best practices and lessons learned when developing and implementing insider threat mitigation programs at the national and facility levels
  3. Foster a common understanding that key elements of effective insider threat mitigation are similar for both nuclear and radiological facilities, recognizing that the implementation of respective practical measures may be different
  4. Promote implementation of insider threat mitigation measures
  5. Showcase commitments made per INFCIRC/908 and encourage future endorsements of INFCIRC/908