Mar. 5–7, 2024

2nd International Symposium on Insider Threat Mitigation

The 2024 Symposium will showcase how meeting commitments of the Joint Statement are advancing our state-of-practice for insider threat mitigation for nuclear security.

Exchange ideas, perspectives, and challenges to detect, deter, mitigate, and respond to insider risks

Explore impacts of emerging technologies in insider threat mitigation capabilities and policies

Engage with experts from industry and academia, especially on cross-disciplinary good practices

Encourage additional subscribers to the Joint Statement

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Panelist at the International Symposium on Insider Threat Mitigation

Advancing Nuclear Security

Insiders pose a significant threat to nuclear and radiological security, as they generally possess access rights which, together with their authority and knowledge, grant them far greater opportunity than outsiders to bypass dedicated nuclear and radiological security elements.

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Mitigating Insider Threats

Following the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit, the U.S. sponsored a Joint Statement on Insider Threat Mitigation, which is now known as IAEA Information Circular 908 (INFCIRC/908). Since then, dozens of countries have endorsed the Joint Statements and are advancing the state-of-practice of mitigating insider threats for nuclear security.

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Interactive Exercise

Preventing, detecting, and responding to insider threats requires careful observation and a thoughtful plan of action. This interactive exercise features real world scenarios designed to help teams identify and address potential insider threats

Unusual Employee Behaviour: Insider Threat or Just Hard Times?

A coworker has been behaving in an unusual fashion. Is he just burnt out or is he an insider working for an adversary? Explore the best ways to directly communicate and how your organization should respond to changes in an employee's behavior.

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